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A company that create refined, unique, innovative, and hassle-free equipment solutions to enhance the joy of cycling and the safety of your ride. The GUEE crew has combined several decades of international work experience in mechanical & electronic engineering and bike design.

Today, GUEE offers a range of bicycle gadgets: LED lights, integrated bike mounts, handle bar tape & grips, bells, bottle cages, and also rear-view mirrors. Even though the GUEE team has expanded, they are still a small business at heart and here at Cranc we stock a large amount of their range!

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The GUEE Tadpole LED Safety Light comes with a built-in interchangable lithium battery, providing at least 1000 recharges and giving up to 7 hours per charge. The Tadpole is the perfect commuting partner. A full recharge takes just 1.5 hours and a battery indicator light so won’t get caught with the lights out. The Tadpole LED Safety Light also comes in 8 different colours.





SOL 300GUEE Sol 300

The SOL300 bike headlight is GUEE’S elite technical performance light. The SOL300 offers multiple operating functions within a stylish aluminum housing. The CNC machined body design is a GUEE trademark look and has precision cooling features for a consistent wide beam lumen output. The CREE LED bicycle headlight can be charged via Micro-USB and easily removed. Compatible with the GUEE G-Mount and GUEE i-Mount systems.




SOL 700 PLUSGUEE Sol 700 plus

The SOL 700 Plus CREE LED bike headlight has a CNC-machined body designed with exclusive cooling technology. This is designed to increase durability and extend running time. A clever built-in smart ambient sensor (SAS) enables variable high lumen light output of 700, 500 or 250 lumens depending on the ambient light and riding conditions. The high capacity battery is self-contained and can be recharged via Micro-USB. The SOL 700 Plus comes with an adjustable tool-free M-bracket that can also be used as a sport camera mount.  The GUEE SOL 700 Plus is water-resistant and it’s wide beam therefore make it a great solution for touring or adventure riders also!



The GUEE AERO-XE is a cleverly designed bicycle LED rear light that can be fitted on both aero and round tubing seat posts. This is due to it’s adjustable wing design. Meaning you can therefore swap this light between bikes with no hassle in a matter of seconds! It illuminates with a wide beam and increases visibility from the rear as well as the sides. This light is the perfect choice for commuters! The built-in rechargeable battery can be charged via a Micro-USB port.





The COB-X (red) is a lightweight, rechargeable bicycle tail light. Thanks to the clever design the COB-X is easy to mount vertically or horizontally on a wheelchair, a bicycle’s seat post, fork, handle bar, or saddle bag without using tools!

The built-in rechargeable battery can be fully charged in just 1 hour and 30 minutes through Micro-USB. This is ideal when your riding is more time critical! Contrary to its size, the COB-X (red) provides high luminosity with two flashing modes and also one constant mode. Under flash mode, the COB-X (white) safety light provides up to 15 hours of light per charge!



The G-Mount all-in-one solution integrates an LED light with two mounts. One for a sports camera and one for a cycle computer. It’s a clutter free solution!

Designed for you, the rechargeable light has a row of 4 LEDs with an interchangeable bracket so you can fit the following systems of cycle computer: Garmin, Sigma, Cateye.

The G-Mount can also be used with an under bracket (optional) to mount a sports camera. These include Sony, Shimano, GoPro and those using a 1/4″ mount adapter. The under bracket can also be used for headlights: SOL 700 Plus, SOL 300, SOL 300 Plus & SOL 200 Plus. The under bracket is sold separately.


UNDER BRACKETGUE under bracket

This under bracket lets you connect a sports camera or GUEE lights (SOL200+ &SOL300) to the G-Mount, i-Mount.

Compatible with GoPro, Sony and Shimano sports cameras:
Sony HDR-AS15, HDR-AS30, HDR-AS100.
Shimano CM-1000, Garmin VIRB X and VIRB XE.
Also it is compatible with all GoPro cameras making it extremely versatile!




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