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Fulcrum design wheels and components for racing bikes and distribute them in over 30 countries worldwide.

Based in Vicenza Fulcrum Wheels were established in July 2004, based on the ideas of three aerospace engineers all passionate about cycling.  In their first year of operation, Fulcrum earned a revenue of 6 million euros, with exports accounting for 70% of that! Fulcrum wheels were first created solely for road racing until 2008 when they released their first off-road wheels.

Here at Cranc Cyclesport all De rosa and Argon 18 bikes come equiped with fulcrum wheels! From entry level to wheels such as the Carbon Quattros, the quality and robustness of Fulcrum Wheels is outstanding throughout!

For further information on the range of Fulcrums available, visit us at Cranc Cyclesport or alternatively call us to speak to a member of staff: Contact Us



Racing 5 LGThe already best-in-class Racing 5 wheelset goes from high to higher performance thanks to its new design.
The same qualities that have made the RACING 5 such a popular wheelset in the past combine new elements in order to make an affordable but also race ready wheel.
The new 20 spoke design in addition to the asymmetric rear rim profile offers remarkable performance increases in terms of both increased lateral and torsional rigidity as well as increased reactivity.




Racing Quattro LG35mm is not just any number!
Every tiny detail of the Racing Quattro LG has been painstakingly optimised to offer the rider perfect balance and performance in all situations.
Aerodynamic and easy to ride these road bike wheels are ideal for long level straights, but still deliver outstanding results uphill.
Versatile and aggressive, these wheels are perfect for riders who enjoy putting themselves against a different type of route every day.



FULCRUM RACING 3 (Clincher/2 way fit)

Racing 3The advantage is in the rim: no holes and therefore no rim tape, to the benefit of both stiffness and weight.
These road bike wheels continue to represent the most reliable “travelling companions” for training rides and the “ideal partners” for any type of race.






Racing Quattro CarbonWhatever the situation, the promise is to become the ideal ride companion every day.
Thanks to its magical balance, the new 40 mm profile of these road bike wheels will do credit to itself on any road you tackle together.
Performance? It’s aerodynamic, stable and fast.
Climbs? It stays light and reactive when accelerating.
Downhills? It’s decisive and easy to handle.
Racing? It’s simple – just try it!



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