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The history of Lightweight wheels has largely been shaped by some of the world’s top competitive cyclists, using their stunning wheels at championship races and major cycling tours. This is what helped to establish the brand’s reputation in cycling. Lightweight wheels have been available in their current shapes ever since 1995 with slight improvements made year upon year!

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Lightweight FERNWEG

fernwegIt’s hardly rocket science. If you increase your speed by a couple of mph, you’ll reach your destination sooner. This is what the FERNWEG is all about, teasing out every last notch on the speedometer.







meilensteinLightweight have pushed the limits once again and created a wheel, that is really impressive. Quoted as the best MEILENSTEIN, they have ever built. MEILENSTEIN. Newly defined.







gipfelsturmLightweight wanted a high-profile wheel that would set new benchmarks in toughness, crosswind conditions and comfort. The result is the perfect wheel for both strong winds and hills, a wheel that notably relieves strain on the neck and shoulders. Its maneuverability and steering precision are phenomenal, even in the most adverse weather conditions.

















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