Retül Dynamic Bike Fitting at Cranc Cyclesport


Retül Muvesmaller

Whether you are riding a bike that cost £100 or £10,000 the most important factor is that the bike fits you correctly.

Cranc Cyclesport offers Dynamic Bike Fitting using the state of the art Retül system. Used by professional cycling teams including Sky and Garmin. Retul is also used by many of the world’s top triathletes. The Retül system provides every cyclist with the most advanced dynamic fitting available in the world today.

Cyclists and triathletes can spend a long time in the same position on their bicycles. This means that they very often have to put up with discomfort or pain resulting from being poorly fitted on their current bike. Common complaints range from aching knees, sore back, tightness in the hips and neck pain. This is often a result of the rider trying to make their bodies fit their bike.

Retul Fit At Cranc Cyclesport we use the Retül system to make the bike fit your body. By making subtle adjustments to a riders position on a bike already purchased. The pleasure of cycling is regained when discomfort is removed, with the added benefit of better efficiency and ultimately better performance!

The traditional method of fitting a rider whilst static on the bike (static fit) offers very limited data on the riders compatibility with his / her machine. It tells the fitter precious little about the riders body whilst pedaling (dynamic).

The Retül system is not affiliated to any brand of bicycle manufacturer; it simply provides the fitter with the information on the ideal bike geometry for that rider. The rider is then best placed to use the geometry data to select a frame from across the market.

The frame and components are selected to meet the rider’s requirements, measurements and budget. Cranc Cyclesport will then build your dream bike to your exact specifications down to the last millimetre.

The Retül Futbed system

Cranc Cyclesport firmly believes every athlete should use custom footbeds or orthotics in their footwear. Virtually everyone experiences better control with footbeds. They enable the foot to directly transfer power while greatly enhancing comfort.

Without proper support, cyclists with high or low arches are not getting optimal foot-to-pedal response. That’s why just about every pro racer uses a custom footbed and now you can too.

The Retül Futbed system can easily be integrated into a dynamic bike fitting and your fitter can answer any questions you may have about the process. Just get in touch and we can book you in or simply fill in the Contact Us form with your details and we will contact you.



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