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Bike Fitting

At Cranc Cyclesport we are passionate about maximising the pleasure gained by every cyclist and triathlete when owning and riding their bike.

Being fitted correctly before purchasing a new bike or having your own bike adjusted following a Retül dynamic fitting will enhance your cycling experience. As well as minimising discomfort, pain and injury the bike fit will improve your efficiency and performance in the saddle.

In short, we make the bike fit you!

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Cranc Cycle Services


Your bike is your pride and joy; the envy of all your friends. But what about that annoying squeak, the slipping chain, the creaking noise when you start climbing or the grinding of the rear cassette as you try and find that gear!

At Cranc Cyclesport our professionally qualified mechanics will service and repair your bike with the utmost care and attention, nursing it back to top condition. Using only the best tools from Park Tool we service every type of bike from BMX to full suspension MTB to full carbon TT speed machines!

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Custom Build

Cycling is your passion. You work hard all week and, come the weekend, it’s time to ride.

As passionate cyclists ourselves, we understand this and just like you we like to treat ourselves to new bikes and kit from time to time.

This is why we have selected only what we consider to be the best performing bikes and components in cycling to form the basis of our custom builds for you. From the Pro peloton heritage and mystique of Colnago, De Rosa and LOOK to the young, cool Argon 18 and Ritte, we have something for everyone.

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