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Bagneres-de-Luchon - France - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme - Emanuel Buchmann (GER-Bora-Argon 18) - Warren Barguil (FRA-Giant-Alpecin) pictured during stage 8 of the 2016 Tour de France from Pau to Bagneres-de-Luchon, 183.00 km - photo LB/RB/Cor Vos © 2016

For many years, Argon 18 has sought to achieve the ideal combination of three essentially conflicting characteristics: rigidity, comfort and light weight. The result of these years of research and development can be found in every Argon 18 bike… A unique, distinctive ride feel. That exceptional experience is OPTIMAL BALANCE at work.

Few names in the cycling world have grown as quickly as Argon 18. Set up in Montreal, Canada in 1989, they set out to design bikes as they ‘should be’ not ‘how industry standards would have them be’. This dedication to engineering excellence shines through in the latest range of Argon 18 road and triathlon/TT bikes.

Choose from the cutting edge aero profiles of the Nitrogen road bike or the E-119 Triathlon/TT bike. The purposeful stance and performance of the Gallium Pro road racer or the sportive friendly Krypton the choice is yours.

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Argon 18 Bikes

(PLEASE NOTE: Images are to represent frames and not all are to Exact Specification)



NITROGEN PROArgon 18 will stop at nothing to reach new heights of excellence. The Nitrogen, a bike that has already proven itself on the international circuit, including at the iconic Tour de France is getting the Pro treatment: it is now equipped with a stratospheric level of aerodynamic and lightweight integration.

Offered with the exclusive carbon monocoque AHB5000 aero handlebar system, a lightweight and easy-to-use cockpit that generates up to a 30% increase in aerodynamics over standard round handlebars, and unparalleled adjustibility, the Nitrogen Pro pushes the limits of performance and optimal balance.
Built to be the benchmark in ultimate aerodynamics.
Reach new heights with Nitrogen Pro!


NITROGENConquer the wind with the new Nitrogen frame from Argon 18.
Based on the Gallium Pro but with a completely ‘aero’ design!
Not only does the Nitrogen possess cutting-edge aerodynamics, it still maintains all the benefits of Argon 18’s optimal balance system.
Nothing sacrificed in terms of weight with the Frame
weighing in at only 960g!



GALLIUM PRONEW Advanced Stiffness to Weight Ratio (SWR)!

This entirely new frame design has achieved a superior stiffness to weight ratio along with
highly responsive power transfer.
As well as extremely accurate handling and remarkable comfort
that the Gallium Pro has become known for.

Weighing only 790g
Always optimally balanced with Argon 18’s Optimal Balance System.
Official Bicycle of SpiderTech Pro Cycling Team as well as
used by Bora Argon 18 in the 2016 Tour de France!

Integrated concept: frame, Ga31 Pro specific monocoque fork, Argon 18 ASP-6550 carbon seatpost and headset.


GALLIUMThe proven design carries forward as the previous generations of Gallium Pro/Gallium but with a new lighter and stiffer carbon fibre lay up.
The new & improved Gallium has lost some weight while maintaining its amazing handling, stability & comfort characteristics.
Achieving this with Argon 18’s Optimal Balance System, the Gallium is a Pro level rig by any standard!
Frame Weight Only 965g


KRYPTONThe Krypton is all about comfort, stability and stiffness: it’s Optimal Balance at its best.

In the spirit of the Gallium, the Krypton brings together the best that Argon 18 has to offer. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just a cycling enthusiast.

This road bike delivers optimized handling so that you can go further on all roads. Krypton is the choice for reliable handling and effective, comfortable positioning—from sunrise to sunset
Among the most versatile in its class, it’s a sure bet for all cyclists. The very essence of Argon 18 is yours with the Krypton.
The 3D Headtube system allows perfect adjustment of handlebar height
for every rider whilst enhancing front-end stiffness.
5750 HM carbon composite
Monocoque construction optimized with Horizontal Dual System (HDS).


E117 TRI

E117This fast and comfortable triathlon bike is designed to meet the needs of all triathletes, young, old, experienced or novice.
Moreover, thanks to its proven aerodynamics and triathlon-specific geometry, the E-117 Tri will help you rise to all challenges and overcome any and every obstacle in your path.

A truly remarkable bike at your service, no matter the level of competition.
Your perfect ally to take on any race!


E117 TRI+

E117 Tri +Featuring the perfect symbiosis of lightweight construction, rigidity, handling and comfort. T
he brand-new E-117 Tri+ was designed to help you give the best of yourself. This machine belongs to the next generation of Argon 18 bikes, which have scooped up the world’s highest triathlon honours.
All tried-and-tested features and components have been reworked and refined to perfection.

What’s more, its’ aerodynamics, inspired from the E-119, and its comprehensive integrated accessories design, identical to that of the E-119 Tri+, ensure that the rider is in full control on any course.


E118The time trial bike of uncontested champions!

With a time trial win by Team BORA – Argon 18 at the Giro del Trentino,
and many more podium finishes in 2015. Currently being used for the Time Trial stages of the Tour de France, the E-118 Next is undoubtedly your best ally for shaving off those precious seconds.
Its fully integrated front end is stiff and light.
What’s more, it features Argon’s ONEness 3.0 concept and reversible carbon handlebar for the most aerodynamic rider positioning ever offered.

Superior adjustibility. Total integration. A strong start for a podium finish.

E119 TRI

E119With a significant improvement in aerodynamics, the E-119 Tri is the successor to Argon’s flagship E-118 Next.
A bike that has made its mark on the international IRONMAN™ circuit.
True to its commitment to offer the best triathlon bikes in the world, Argon 18’s newest powerhouse is the perfect blend of exceptional aerodynamics, light weight and flawless integration.
With proprietary brakes concealed on both fork and seat stays to minimize frontal area while improving ease of access for maintenance.
Wind tunnel tests have demonstrated the aero advantage of the E-119 Tri compared to certain competitor’s models that have been historically quoted as references.

Peak performance. Your ride to excellence. The triathlon bike that will propel you to victory!

E119 TRI+

E119 Tri+For triathletes whose will to win knows no bounds!

The ultimate triathlon bike, the E-119 Tri+ yields the absolute maximum aerodynamic advantage
like its E-119 Tri counterpart, but boasting an even lighter carbon lay-up.
Thanks to input from professional triathletes who’ve won numerous IRONMAN™ championships.
Argon 18 have pushed the boundaries of performance, aerodynamics and technology to create one powerful
winning machine.

Fully committed to triathlon racing, free from the UCI’s regulations; maximum performance guaranteed.
Built for the most demanding of athletes, for whom every detail counts.

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