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De Rosa

Heritage, Family, Excellence.

Formed by Ugo De Rosa in 1953 and now run by his sons Danilo, Doriano and Cristiano. De Rosa bikes have been at the front of the pro peloton for many years.

Along the way De Rosa have built bikes from every type of cycling material. In the early days ‘steel was real’ before titanium took over. Then followed by aluminium and then in 2000 the birth of the very first De Rosa carbon bike.

Now, as masters of the art of frame building across all materials, De Rosa ensures the choice is yours. With titanium, alloy and carbon options to choose from.

From the race winning and media loved Protos to the perennial Sportive rider’s favourite the Vega. We can build the ideal De Rosa bike for you.


VegaDe Rosa vega 2017

The De Rosa Vega, this frame is of monocoque construction and is made from 3K carbon fibre. The frame comes with internal cable routing and ready for anyone who wants to use electronic gearing systems. Ideal for someone buying their first De Rosa or entry level carbon bike. This bikes comes fully equipped with  Fulcrum Racing Sport wheels for a super reliable and sturdy bike.

IdolDe Rosa Idol 2017

The IDOL was a must in the De Rosa production in the past and now it returns in a completely new project. This encompasses the De Rosa experience and new road cycling trends.
The IDOL frame is made from SUPER HI-MODULUS fibre with a blend of T1000 (70%) and T800 (30%). Thereby guaranteeing structural rigidity, absorption capacity and maximum weight savings.

King XSDe Rosa King XS 2017

The King dynasty continues and evolves. The latest forefather is the King XS, a new project for a new frame. Lighter than before, the King XS opts for new technical/stylistic solutions. The most evident choice is the disappearance of the rear brake from the traditional position. It is now placed under the bottom bracket. This new position of the rear brake increases braking power and allows the removal of the seat stay brake arch. This improves the comfort without compromising the performance and lends itself to a clean aesthetic. In addition, the fork is integrated with the steering tube and the frame in such a way that improves aerodynamics.

SK PininfarinaDe Rosa SK 2017

How do you improve on perfection?

Take design legend Pininfarina, responsible for crafting the look of some of the last century’s most beautiful cars, including the Ferrari P4/5 and GTO. Combine them with De Rosa. A company with a deep rooted history in bicycle design. Inheriting the best of both companies, The De Rosa SK Pininfarina embodies the essence of Italy.

De Rosa brought the beauty and Pininfarina supplied the flair. The resulting collaboration is a piece of art on wheels, a rolling sculpture. But more than that, it is a wind tunnel designed race thoroughbred.  Combining a complex blend of 24T, 30T, 40T and 60T carbon fibres. The SK is a synergy of stiffness, stability and efficiency. A race winner or weekend century killer. In Ugo De Rosa’s words, carbon is a material with infinite potential, and the SK embodies that vision. From the first encounter, the frame provides gratifying acceleration and power transfer. While aggressive geometry and optimal frame aerodynamics reward rider effort with unrivalled efficiency.

De Rosa’s meticulousness is seen in every detail, with internal cable routing, electronic and mechanical groupset compatibility, BB386EVO BB interface and direct mount brakes. In addition, there is a choice of three colours and seven build kits for an option to suit everyone.


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